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Induction Hobs

In these days of spiralling energy costs Induction Hobs offer exceptional energy efficiency in comparison with other types of hob.  The induction process typically delivers 90% efficiency as compared to a solid electric hotplate at 50% and a gas hob at 55%.  Ventilation and air conditioning costs are lowered too, as the heat is generated in the pan instead of the hob surface, focusing energy where it\'s needed - not wasting it into the kitchen environment.  They are extremely safe to use and offer a more comfortable working environment to the user.  Induction Hobs are also ideal for the outdoor or event caterer. 

Users should note that most Induction Hobs require flat bottommed pans with a high ferrous metal (iron) content in the base.  This includes cast iron pans and many stainless steel pans.


Highly Energy Efficient, 3 kw - Twin Zone, Portable Induction Hob

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