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Potato Rumblers & Potato Chippers

Commercial Potato Peelers
From the catering trades biggest brands such as Metcalfe & Sammic. Starting from 5kg per hour and going up to 25kg per hour the Metcalfe & Sammic potato peelers are of the highest quality, reliable, durable and at the webs most competitive prices.

Metcalfe Potato Peelers -  Metcalfe 10 Potato Rumbler & Metcalfe 15 Potato Rumbler/Peelers
Sammic Potato Peelers  -  Sammic PP6, PP12, M-5, PI-10, PI-18, PI-30 & M-25 Potato Rumblers/Peelers

Commercial Potato Chippers
Manual potato chippers & electric potato chippers from Sammic, Metcalfe & IMC. Durable and made to the highest quality.

Mectalfe Potato Chippers - Metcalfe HPC & Metcalfe EC12
Sammic Potato Chippers - Sammic CF-5
IMC Potato Chippers - IMC PC2